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How to Make an Epic Whiteboard Animation Video

whiteboard animation video

Whiteboard animation is a process where an artist draws a story on a whiteboard. Modern-day whiteboard animation is a style of creating videos where the content is seen on a whiteboard or some sort of white background. A whiteboard and marker pens are the basic resources for a whiteboard animation. …

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Best Chocolate Packaging Design Services

chocolate packaging boxes

Chocolate in all its shapes and forms has claimed its spot among the most craved for delicacies throughout the world. Whether it is a grumpy kid or a fitness-conscious adult, chocolate is an integral part of most human lives despite the age gap. Hot chocolate, chocolate syrup, chocolate shake, dark …

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Create Custom Music Album Cover

album cover

The album cover is one of the essential parts of the packaging for a commercial released audio recording; they are usually a printed paper bond of the design. Creating the cover is very important and crucial at the same time. The cover art is the graphic entry for the album …

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Best Custom Product Packaging Designs

product packaging

Custom product packaging design services There is something good about making a package look pleasing to the eyes. It’s like wrapping a gift for someone and making that person excited at the sight of the present he or she is about to open. Beautifully wrapped gifts make birthdays, Christmas, and …

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How to Create Your Custom YouTube Thumbnail Template

youtube thumbnail template

A YouTube thumbnail is what viewers will see at first glance of your video when they are browsing. Though it may seem insignificant, your video thumbnail will determine whether the potential viewers click on the image to see your video or scroll on. YouTube will provide you with still images …

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Design a Custom Brand Style Guidelines and Brand Book Template That Represents and Promotes Your Business

brand style guidelines

Your brand’s style guide includes your brand’s identity, core values, and voice. It translates your vision and mission into the design and directs your customers on how to perceive your brand. In other words, it aids your brand to maintain its consistency when it comes to how it looks, sounds, …

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