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Getting Yourself A Unique Custom Coffee Bag Design

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You could have heard of custom coffee bag design but you may not know what it is. This guide will take you through all that is concerned with custom coffee bags. But first, let us know what it is. Coffee is packaged like any other product, say tea. Some bags are used to store different amounts of coffee to be sold to consumers or to be used in an eatery. The choice of what bag to store your ground coffee is fully dependent on how you want it to look – the design. The coffee must be stored in a good bag because it might go stale and lose its natural taste. The custom coffee packaging bag design is hand-crafted to achieve two goals; to satisfy the owner and to impress the customers.

Why You Need a Custom Coffee Packaging

We don’t know how true it is but some people believe that the taste of coffee improves when stored in a custom design bag. You may need to carry along some coffee on your picnic or a journey. You want your coffee to have a special impact on you, and that begins with how you carry it.

Why you need a custom coffee packaging design when traveling is because you never know the kind of coffee you will come across. Some people would rather carry their coffee to guarantee them the same feeling even when they are miles away from home. Coffee, unlike tea, cannot just be carried with anything you lay hands on. Some importance is attached to coffee and that makes everything about it special. The way it is packaged, prepared, served, and taken, is very different. It is this culture that has led to the custom coffee bag designs we see today.

Examples of Custom Coffee Bag Designs

The coffee market is growing rapidly, and the same is happening to the nature in which it is packed. The following are the lead custom coffee bag designs that exist in the market.  

Percol Fairtrade Smooth Coffee Bags

With a capacity of 10 bags, Percol Fairtrade Coffee Bags are by far the most environment-friendly custom coffee bags in the market. Percol was among the first coffee brands to be certified and that hints at a rich history with excellence. These organic bags are made of the finest ground coffee and are most suitable for use in restaurants. The taste of coffee improves the longer the bag is kept in the water. Its only downside is that it is quite small, thus greatly limiting the amount of coffee you can carry.

Strong! Coffee Bags

Just like the name suggests, these kinds of beans are incredibly strong. Its makers have gone ahead to warn users that it is not for the faint-hearted. With a capacity of 50 bags, this kind of coffee is packed in a custom bag to reflect its natural characteristics. Strong Coffee Bags are one of the few designs that have been exclusively tailored to the customer.

Presto Coffee Bags

Presto coffee bags are custom designed to carry a lot of the product. The bags are also environmentally friendly, and most importantly, quite attractive. Presto coffee bags are designed based on customer preferences, and a lot of information on the bag reflects the brand beans’ acidity, vigor, and bitterness.

Make a Custom Coffee Bags on Your Own

Branding has a huge impact on customer perception. Coffee businesses are cognizant of this fact and have gone to great lengths to design worthy coffee bags. Always keep your customers in mind if you’re designing your coffee bag for a business purpose and let the design reflect your passion for a particular brand. A good custom design captures the hearts of potential customers. Most importantly, include all the relevant information you need concerning your desired design. Avoid using complicated information on the bag as this may only confuse the customer. Also, don’t use too little information. The main information to include is the brand name, brand statement, the origin of the brand, and the flavor.

Include the processing method in your custom coffee packaging design. The customers need to know the steps and procedures the coffee underwent until it ended up in the bag. Things to include in this description include whether the coffee was washed, if it is natural, or if it is honey. Most importantly, don’t worry about the perception the customers will have of your kind of coffee. Just make sure the information on your custom coffee bag design is not misleading.

You can use certain software to design your custom coffee bag such as HTML for the logo, but you have to have some background knowledge of coding. Generally, designing your custom coffee bag may overwhelm you in one way or another. That means you may be forced to find someone else to do the design for you.

Approach a Packaging Design Company

Professional custom coffee bag design companies have the knowledge and resources to come up with a design that will sell your product. Instead of struggling with the design yourself, simply search for a branding company online to do the job for you. Working with a company has many benefits, one being that they already have professionals to do the job for you. It is not a trial and error thing unlike using a freelancer.

Hire a Professional Package Freelance Designer

A freelancer should be your second option if you don’t get a good design company. Freelancers are relatively inexperienced but most of them are smart and will do a decent job when guided properly. Most importantly, they are not as expensive as companies, so you will cut your designing costs considerably.


Custom Coffee Bag Design heavily relies on the concept that “looks matter.” Most consumers are influenced by the visual elements in the coffee bag when making a purchase. It doesn’t matter how whole or fine your beans are, if the bag is not designed well then it might not sell. Every bit of information concerning the coffee must be conveyed on an expertly designed bag. Custom coffee bag design does even more in terms of marketing the product than a common bag. That’s why you should spend time and resources to create a customized bag for your coffee brand.

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