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How To Be A Successful Game Streamer. 8 Tips for Getting Started

Game streaming has gone from being a hobby done to blow off steam after work to entertain a few friends to a legitimate career option. As with any job, you start from the ground level and work your way up, gaining viewers/subscribers and a better footing in the industry as …

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Gaming Videos Editing Made Easy

gaming video editing

To make any good video, be it a music video, short film, video essay, or a gaming video, one has to pay attention to all stages of production. Most people only focus on making good content for their videos. They do not think much about the editing part. But it …

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How To Promote Your Game In The Best Way

game promotion

All game developers know that just making an epic game is not the key to its success. It definitely plays a major role. But you can not just stop after developing a game. You also have to market it. That is how you will attract players. You have to let …

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Best Custom Twitch Emotes & Badges for Your Streaming Channel – (We Picked Top 34 Providers)

twitch emotes & badges

These custom Twitch emotes and badges are the perfect way to improve your stream design. With hundreds of ideas you can make your twitch or youtube channel completely unique. This is a great way for streamers looking to brand their stream. Let us take a look at some of the …

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15 Freelancers That Will Bring Life To Your Stream Channel Layout

stream overlays

Technology has truly made the world smaller and streaming is a perfect example of this. Streamers broadcast their work, connect to the world, and share their stories and knowledge. Similar to the rapid technological advancement, the way people are consuming information is also changing. Netizens are impatient and are easily …

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