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How To Promote Your Game In The Best Way

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All game developers know that just making an epic game is not the key to its success. It definitely plays a major role. But you can not just stop after developing a game. You also have to market it. That is how you will attract players. You have to let people know about your game in the best way possible.

It is a wise decision to save a considerable amount of money for promoting your game. The game market is overcrowded and saturated. You can not expect your game to be successful without promoting it in the best way possible.

Importance Of Game Marketing

Game development has become pretty easy nowadays. There are a lot of resources that facilitate the game development process. New games are pouring in daily. In this crowd, it is hard to gain recognition for your game. The only way to guarantee recognition is to have a great marketing strategy. Do not keep marketing as the last phase. You can start doing it much before the release of the actual game.

You can begin marketing as soon as you have settled for the look and feel of the game. Give the players a glimpse of the game. Maintain a factor of mystery. It will create curiosity about the new game in the gaming community. Illustrate the unique features of the game. A screenshot of a scene would be great. Or you can release a demo video. Document the progress of the game and share it with the community. It will create a sense of familiarity.

Best Ways To Promote Your Game

Nowadays games are not sold through traditional ways of advertising. You do not see a commercial for games if you are not gaming. Today marketing happens through the players themselves. Influencer players can make or break the brand of a game. Online ways of advertising are becoming more and more popular.

Certain ways you can follow to promote your game are as follows:

Website: A website can act as a platform to show off all your games. You can include the game that you are currently developing. You should create a captivating home page. Include a lot of engaging screenshots. Take the viewer through the whole journey of the game. Include the videos too. You can include the links to all the games too. You can find a lot of easy to use website templates online. It is also important to frequently update your website and to keep adding interesting developments.

Blog: Blogs are similar to websites, but they are far more engaging. They have a personal touch to them. You can share your whole journey with the readers. You can share your struggles and victories with them. It will create a strong sense of connection with your audience base. You can present it in a way as if you are speaking directly to the readers. Post frequently and keep the visitors engaged. The more regular readers you get, the more is the chance of success for your game.

Social media marketing: You can not deny the impact of social media in this age and time. They are a great platform for spreading the word about your new game. If you are lucky, your game can get viral too. Have a Facebook profile. Make a Twitter account. There are many more social media websites. Get on them and make the best use of the resources.

All these ways are easy and accessible to all. They cost nothing in terms of money. They do not require too many skills. You will easily get an attractive template for designing a website. Blogs are simple to figure out too. You can visit various gaming bloggers and study how they do blogging. You can take inspiration from their narrating styles and how they interact with their readers.

Social media marketing is the toughest to master. It can be very unpredictable. But if you can figure them out, they can be your biggest asset. They have the power to make your game viral overnight. There are a lot of hashtags and other features. You can use them to reach the maximum possible number of people. However, mastering social media can be tricky. Maintaining a good social media presence is not as easy as it often looks.

Hire A Professional

There are a lot of online marketers that are pro at their jobs. They work extensively in this field hence they hold a lot of knowledge. Hiring a professional can save you a lot of trial and error. You can avoid many iterations that can happen in the process of figuring things out.

You have to choose which way of marketing do you want to focus on. You can hire an excellent website designer. They will make you an outstanding website for displaying all your works. If you think blogging is not your thing, you can hire copywriters.

Online marketers and social media experts can help you with handling marketing on the social media side of things. Since they keep an eye on the trends and algorithms, they can do a better job than non-professionals. If you have enough budget you can hire professionals for more than one way of marketing. It will vastly increase your chance of success.

Game Promotion by Freelancers And Freelancing Websites

Finding a professional in the above fields can be a hard job. It may be impossible for you if you do not have connections in the said fields. But these limitations do not apply in the online world. There are many professionals that choose to work independently. They are called freelancers.

You can contact a freelancer on a freelancing website. These websites, like Fiverr, and Upwork provide a platform for both freelancers and hirers. You can post an advertisement about the nature of the job. Interested candidates will reply to it. That is when you can contact back and discuss the terms, pay, etc. The process is simple and convenient.


Promotion and marketing can play a huge role in the success of games. These are difficult and risky things that are best left to the professionals. You can find professional marketers on freelancing websites. This will give you the best shot at the success of your game.

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