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Gaming Videos Editing Made Easy

gaming video editing

To make any good video, be it a music video, short film, video essay, or a gaming video, one has to pay attention to all stages of production. Most people only focus on making good content for their videos. They do not think much about the editing part. But it is as important, if not more as the filming process.

The Importance Of Gaming Video Editing

Video editing is a more important stage than expected by many. Without good editing, your video will be a mess. Lack of good editing ruins other parts of the production. Expensive cameras, mics, and amazing gameplay will all be left useless without good editing. A good gaming videos editing job will bring together all other aspects of the video to make it the best that it can be.

A good video is based on the idea of telling the viewer a story. You want to create an emotional response in the viewers. It can be fear, thrill, enthusiasm, joy, adventure, or anything else. You would also want the viewer to feel the same emotions that they might feel if they were playing the game. An immersive experience will bring them back regularly. A good editing job is required to make a cohesive video that will be equally immersive for the viewers. It will play a huge role in the success of your videos.

Different Aspects Of Gaming Editing

Flow: A good gaming videos editing job will help you achieve the perfect flow. A good editor will preserve the existing flow of the video and establish even further. If the process is not thoughtful, it can have a negative impact on the flow of the video.

Cuts: It is the way to achieve the perfect flow in the videos. You have to time the scenes perfectly. It is a very critical step in the whole process. A scene cut too soon will result in a sudden stop. And a cut done too late will end up in a dragging shot. Both of these are situations that are not pleasant to watch.

Transitions: Transitions can make a lot of difference in the quality of the videos. Video without good transitions has fast jumps that are unpleasant to the viewer. A good editor will make the transitions in the video smooth and elegant. Transitions that compliment the overall pace of the video is the best way to go.

Sounds: When we think about video editing, sound editing does not generally come to mind. But imagine a gaming video without sounds. There will be no gaming sound effect and the video cannot be immersive without them. Sound design is a big part of the emotion that we feel while playing games. You also want to include comments and reactions to the gameplay. It is not possible without a good sound editing job. You need to sync the audio, maintain constant volume, and a lot of other things. You cannot neglect this stage of gaming videos editing.

Video Editing Software

There are a lot of video editors that will help you in gaming videos editing. Some are free and some come at a fair price. Video editing is a time-consuming process, always remember that. The software has to provide you with all the suitable tools to make your vision come to life. So it is fair only that they will charge you for it. Some software has a one-time pay method while some offer a subscription service.

With all this option, it is natural to get confused. However, the most important thing to keep in mind while choosing the software is control. If you need something very simple, you do not need to get the software with too many features. They can get quite confusing. You can go with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. For a little more control you can choose Final Cut Pro X or Sony Vegas.

There are also professional software like Adobe Premiere Pro. It will give you maximum control over the editing process. It has many features. Professional video editors use this very software. It has been used to edit movies too! This is the software that can give you a perfect result when it comes to editing.

Difficulties With Editing Software

However, complicated software like this come with a lot of nuances. The learning curve is not very steep. It will take a long time and a lot of practice before you could master these. Not everybody can invest that much effort into learning gaming videos editing. Not to mention that editing itself is a time-consuming process.

One more factor is there that can prove to be a big obstacle in this path. Video editing software use a lot of computer resources. If you do not have a high spec computer, the software might lag a lot. But gamers usually have high spec systems, so this is not a problem for them. The problem is the amount of time and effort that goes into editing.

Gaming Video Editing Services

After getting to know all that goes into the editing process, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. It is okay to feel so. But do not let it convince you to skip the editing phase! The solution to this problem is very easy. Hire a professional.

Now you will ask, “But where would I find a person who can do this for me? I do not know any good video editor.” That is a legitimate query. And it has an even more legitimate answer. Look for freelancers online. You can easily find them on freelancing websites. These websites let you hire freelancers who are professionals in different fields, including gaming videos editing.

You can go to any of the freelancing websites online. Some of the famous names are Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. You simply have to put an advertisement mentioning the nature of the work. Interested freelancers will contact you afterward. You can discuss your terms and conditions with them and hire the one you think is best suited for the job.


Gaming videos editing is a task that takes a lot of time and effort. It is not possible that everyone can do it themselves. One easy way to hire a professional to do it is to look for freelancers online.

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