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Why Make A Movie Trailer – The Necessity & Top Options To Make The Difference

make a movie trailer
Make your own movie trailer

Everyone can appreciate a good movie trailer. It is short and showcases the highlights of an upcoming video or movie, but it also helps create a buzz about it. Plus, given its short duration, it can easily be posted all across social media to raise some awareness and increase the excitement. Furthermore, a good trailer is also a solid piece of evidence regarding your skills – excellent if you are looking for some financing for an upcoming project.

It could be anything. It could be a movie for the acting school. It could be a fancy video with your modified car. It could be a video that brings in good memories about your class or perhaps a holiday. Practically, it makes no difference what it is about. It is short and can draw attention straight away. But here comes the challenging part. Learning how to make a movie trailer that stands out in the crowd may take years of hard work and experience.

The main characteristics of a movie trailer

Whether you create this trailer for your book, a project of yours or perhaps a short movie, there are a few characteristics you need to keep in mind.

Most importantly, the trailer is supposed to be short. For instance, a minute or just over a minute will be more than enough to come up with a few teasers regarding the content. Make sure you do not give too many details – you want people to be hooked in too.

Second, you do not always need to find an actor or star yourself in the trailer. Sure, a movie trailer with scenes and people could be more efficient. But sometimes, a deep voice, some music and short videos put together will do the trick.

Finally – and this is the most difficult part, your movie trailer must be entertaining. If you want your trailer to go viral and the word to spread, the video must be entertaining – not necessarily for yourself, but for your audience.

Importance of a great movie trailer

There are times when the trailer is better than the actual movie. A trailer sells – there are no doubts about it. You do not necessarily need to learn how to make a movie trailer, as there are plenty of options out there. But overall, the main idea belongs to you, so you are the one responsible for how entertaining it is.

A good movie trailer is all about selling your movie. You can get people to watch the movie if they are hooked to the trailer – simple as that. At times, the trailer might be better than the actual movie, but people will still watch it.

Other than that, a good trailer can also become viral. People who will appreciate your work will most likely share it as well. The word will spread and more and more people will look after the official release of your movie.

Then, you may need some financing for your movie, be it a long or a short one. Perhaps the way you talk about your ideas is not exciting enough for investors. But when you come up with a good trailer about what would happen, chances are you will find financing much easier.

Simply put, the importance of a trailer is pretty obvious – now, how do you make a movie trailer that makes the difference?

Learn how to create a movie trailer

There are plenty of courses out there. Some of them are available for free, while others are premium. There are plenty of video editing programs too – again, both free and premium. Practice will definitely help in the process. But then, you may see trailers made by experienced professionals with decades of hard work in their portfolios – yet, their trailers are terrible.

The general idea is learning how to make a movie trailer is one thing and making a trailer that will surprise everyone is a completely different thing. It will take years of experience to understand what people truly like to see – plus, trends change every now and then.

Hire a professional company

A professional video editing company has more engineers responsible for such projects. They have years of experience and they will get the job done in no time – based on how big it is and what your ideas imply. They will follow your ideas and recommendations, but they will also come with suggestions here and there.

This is the ideal case, but the drawback is pretty obvious – it will cost you money. Plus, when you spend money to make a movie trailer, the final result is directly proportional with the price. If you are after financing, this option could be out of the discussion.

Hire a freelancer

This is an excellent middle option before learning how to make a movie trailer yourself and hiring a professional company. A freelancer could be relatively new, but they could also have years or even decades of experience.

Freelancers could be self employed professionals or newbies. No matter what you are after, you should ask to see a few samples of past work too. This way, you will be able to tell whether or not you and the freelancer are on the same page.

You do not have to go around spreading the word when not sure where to find a freelancer. There are plenty of freelance websites out there, with some of them having a great reputation. Fiverr, for example, will bring in plenty of self employed professionals who can complete your project in no time.

As a short final conclusion, making a movie trailer is important regardless of what movie you are doing. Whether it is a project for school or a movie for your car modification process, you do need to make a movie trailer to draw some attention to your project – whether you do it yourself or hire a freelancer for the project. Make sure you choose quality and do not compromise it over money by doing it yourself.

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