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How to Make an Epic Whiteboard Animation Video

whiteboard animation video
whiteboard animation video

Whiteboard animation is a process where an artist draws a story on a whiteboard. Modern-day whiteboard animation is a style of creating videos where the content is seen on a whiteboard or some sort of white background. A whiteboard and marker pens are the basic resources for a whiteboard animation. The process is normally accompanied by a narration based on an existing script.

Whiteboard animation is no longer as cumbersome and time-consuming as it used to be. Lately, an artist is helped by software too that draws the images correctly. That means you no longer have to do all the hard work by yourself. Tools like Biteable have made it easy to do the whiteboard animation. By using them, one only needs to concentrate on the content they are creating.

Why you Need a Whiteboard Animation Video?

Whiteboard animation is very effective in reaching the target audience. Reason? They are short, precise, and short. That means there is the likelihood of it being shared widely among friends. Research has shown that whiteboard animation videos do more than just entertaining the audience. They have been found to improve the user’s cognitive abilities. Big media giants are using whiteboard animation to make a kill through targeted advertising. So why not you? It also makes learning easy and memorable if it is used for that purpose.

Best Free Whiteboard Animation Software

Sometimes the desire to do a video is so intense but you don’t have an idea where to start. Well, there are whiteboard animation explainers that will help you come up with a video masterpiece for your brand. The following types of software are normally used to make whiteboard animations without a sweat by pros. Each of them is available for free.

Animaker – it comes with several functions that help the user come up with an epic animation video. You can go for a paid version if you want to have access to more features. The software allows you to add text, effects, and music.

MySimpleShow – MySimpleShow has a free to use whiteboard animation plan that allows you to create explainer videos for corporate purposes. You can explain your product features with the images and graphics provided by the software.

Videojeeves – this software gives several whiteboard animation options. It can be used to make captivating videos for business purposes or to share with friends and family.

How to Make your Whiteboard Animation

One can easily make a whiteboard animation for themselves using various guides and programs. Internal Training Animation is one such program you can use as a guide. The program takes around 10 minutes. One starts by creating the content. You then record the voiceover based on the content you’ve composed alongside setting up animation. The next step is to organize the animations in an order that brings out your idea. Once all that is done, sit down and prepare guides which include a video and sound matched up together. Add music at the end and export to share with your audience. While making a whiteboard animation, make sure to introduce the topic and explain the main idea in simple terms. The information should be summarized in a way that persuades the audience.

People who have tried using this strategy to make a whiteboard animation for themselves will tell you that it is quite a difficult process. There are simply many tasks that you are supposed to do at a go and you can get overwhelmed easily. To make the matters worse, you might go through all that trouble but still end up with something you can’t be proud of. Also keep in mind that you will incur many costs, especially given that you may not have access to certain software that makes the work easier.

Approach a Professional Whiteboard Animation Company

If you are finding it hard to come up with the best whiteboard animation, there are people out there who are willing to do it for you.  Some companies have dedicated professionals who will help you come up with the best whiteboard animation. Many benefits and advantages come with trusting companies with this kind of project. One such advantage is that they will do the job professionally. Additionally, such companies normally have many years of experience in what they do. That guarantees you a whiteboard animation that will see you bring out your idea in the best way possible. Their rates may be a bit high but you will get a service that is your money’s worth.

How to Hire a Professional Whiteboard Freelance Service

Lately, there are many freelance websites with tens of thousands of creators looking for gigs to design. Top sites to find such creators include Fiverr, Guru, and Freelancer.  These freelancers work as individuals or companies, but it is highly recommended that you find freelancers who work in groups, sort of companies, for this particular project. It is not something you can gamble about, especially if you’re a beginner. Individual freelancers have one major disadvantage, and that is inexperience, but you may be lucky to find one who has deep knowledge of whiteboard animation. However, freelancers are the cheapest option for finding a professional company and doing the work on your own. But don’t be carried by the cheap rate and forget about the quality of the work you will receive. Sometimes cheap can be expensive.

Whiteboard animation has one aim, and that is to break down a subject into something easier to understand and entertaining at the same time. Businesses are increasingly using this technique to expand their customer base. The effectiveness of the technique in passing a particular message cannot be underestimated. It has been proven that whiteboard animation has an 80% engagement rate when used as an advertising tool. Besides, visuals are naturally strong communication tools. Additionally, the message is sent quickly and successfully. With whiteboard animation, you don’t need to have a perfect understanding of a certain language to get the message. Finally, this technique can leave a memory recall that lasts long.

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