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Benefits & Uses Of A Real Estate Video – How To Take Everything To Another Level

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Real estate is all about visual motivation. Sure, people will be instantly drawn to small prices and good value for money too. But once they see some pictures or a video, they can tell immediately whether or not they feel a vibe for that property. While pictures are standard these days, you will notice more and more people rely on real estate video solutions these days. And be honest to yourself – you see one of these ads and you stop to watch it. It simply hooks you in.

Video marketing is the best way to underline the virtues of a property. After all, a video is worth a thousand words. Videos bring in some perspective. They can motivate people to make a move straight away. Plus, an efficient video will have lots of info compressed into a few minutes only. People can practically have a tour of the property before even getting there. Now, what else should you know before planning a real estate video?

What makes real estate video so useful?

A video is beautiful, whether you shoot inside the house or you use a drone. Potential buyers will be hooked in straight away, whether you are trying to get rid of your home or you flip properties for a living. It will show your property in the best light you can get.

If you are a broker, chances are you will save lots of time with detailed videos. People will get a better idea about what to expect – do not be surprised to get calls with offers in, without even seeing the house. There are no question marks when everything is clearly presented.

Builders can also draw some positive attention. A new estate shot from above and some beautiful shots on the inside will most likely increase the demand. Properties will sell much faster and further projects will move on faster.

Other professionals may also benefit from real estate video opportunities, such as architects or inspectors. Inspectors, for instance, will be able to explain things, capture potential issues and document their projects.

The benefits of real estate videos go in more directions and any profession involved with this industry will gain some benefits. Now, what makes these videos so effective for agents?

Advantages of real estate videos for agents

As a real estate agent, you may know the drill already. You get a property on your hands and you advertise it on all the local websites. Most agents do the same thing and bring in a bunch of pictures. A video will make you stand out in the crowd.

A video allows you to explain everything in a much clearer manner. You can easily show how spacious rooms and hallways are. A few shots from the drone will also give potential buyers a better idea about the area, surroundings and yard.

Since a video is less likely to hide too much, you will easily book more meetings. Video messages are almost 50% more likely to be opened. You have a 300% chance to get approached for more details about the property.

Apart from all these, real estate video will resolve questions in no time. You will have the opportunity to showcase more features at a faster rate, but also come up with a personal connection with your customers.

Simply put, videos will save you time and rush the process. Now, how do you make the best video? How do you stand out in the crowd?

Make a real estate video yourself

This is the cheapest option out there. Make sure you have a good camera and great lighting. You may need to shoot a few different videos or at least some more parts before sticking them together. You can also invest in a drone for aerial views of the property.

While cheap and cost efficient, this option takes time. You need to take some professional videos, learn how to fly a drone and get used to some video editing software. It will definitely take a while, but it is a good idea for the future.

Hire a professional real estate videography company

You can also hire a professional company for the job. Finding a videographer for such projects should not be too difficult. You can see their portfolio over the Internet and perhaps come up with a few suggestions as well.

The main benefit? You get someone with experience to do your video. But on a negative note, all the shooting and editing will cost you money. In the long run, prices will add up. Plus, imagine your initial expenses if you have a dozen properties to show.

Get in touch with a freelancer

A freelancer could be a newbie or a professional. It could be someone with a bit of experience – definitely more than you – or someone with decades of experience who works alone. There are lots of freelancing websites out there and Fiverr could be one of the most cost efficient ones.

Introduce your project, mention your needs and get to spend your daily takeaway coffee allowance on a video. Freelancers are inexpensive, but they bring in an impressive experience and a good taste. They make a great middle choice between doing it yourself and hiring a professional company.

As a short final conclusion, real estate video production may seem like a relatively new trend in this industry. Whether it comes to the real estate field or other similar domains, videos are not new at all. Until recently, this trend was mostly common among luxury real estate. Practically, agents showcasing impressive villas and mansions relied on drones and professional videos to introduce such properties.

These days, anyone can do it. Anyone can come up with a professional and good looking real estate video to showcase the functions and features of a property. Videos are extremely efficient at helping potential buyers understand the design and style of the property – and thousands of times more useful than pictures. As for the final result, your imagination is your only limit.

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