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Best Chocolate Packaging Design Services

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Packaging design for chocolate

Chocolate in all its shapes and forms has claimed its spot among the most craved for delicacies throughout the world. Whether it is a grumpy kid or a fitness-conscious adult, chocolate is an integral part of most human lives despite the age gap.

Hot chocolate, chocolate syrup, chocolate shake, dark chocolate, chocolate cake, etc. There is a full-fledged industry that depends on chocolate, and it is growing more than ever even now.

Why do people love chocolate so much? It is a well-known fact that eating chocolate plays positively messes with our body chemistry by triggering the release of endorphins that help in elevating your mood. 

And this ever-growing demand for chocolates is probably the reason why they are a popular product choice in the food & beverage industry. Nowadays patisserie and homemade chocolates are quite praised as customers can order their choice of flavor or customized chocolates that suits their taste buds.

Mostly chocolates are used as a token of love. People indulge in the purchase of normal to expensive chocolates so as to convey a positive and loving message to the one they wish to gift. Even corporates gift chocolates to their employees and clients on special occasions to maintain a good relation. 

And gifting and special occasions demand a special and unique packaging that resonates with this feeling. Such personal and corporate needs have led to the birth of custom chocolate packaging design.

And even if buying chocolates is just another impulsive decision, attractive packaging will certainly have a positive impact on sales.

What is a custom chocolate packaging design?

Custom chocolate packaging design is an art of packaging that uses the creative side of the packaging to enhance the outlook of the chocolate package. An attractive and unique packaging design is used to pack chocolates for special occasions like baby showers, anniversaries, birthday parties, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.

The outer package is custom-made as per the size and occasion.

Even if you own a regular chocolate business, you can use a unique package design to promote your chocolate business and make it a standout among other chocolate brands.

A nice chocolate packaging indicates you are selling a quality product and also makes your product look more standardized.

What different types of chocolate packaging are available?


Remember the last chocolate you had? It probably must have been in a wrapper packaging. Wrapper packaging is one of the most found over-the-counter products. You probably might be paying your bill at a mart, and suddenly an attractive chocolate wrap catches your eye. Such a treat, shouldn’t be missed. And you probably end up purchasing it.


Chocolate boxes have a large number of chocolates displayed in an attractive way. The boxes can be in any shape and size. The boxes are expensive and are usually preferred for gifting or special occasions. Remember the golden heart-shaped Ferrero Rocher box? I am probably getting one on my birthday. Fingers crossed!

3.Bags & Pouches:

This type of packaging can be used for primary and secondary packaging purposes. They cost less and are easy to design. Most homemade and bakery chocolates are available in custom-made bags and pouches. But chocolate bags and pouches don’t have a long shelf life unless used for secondary packaging.

All the above types of packaging can be packed in different kinds of materials depending on target customer requirements. The most common types of material used for packaging are foil, paper, aluminum, plastic, PET, PE, LDPE, and PVC.

Why is it important to get good quality chocolate packaging?

Chocolate can melt super-fast under high temperatures. Thanks to its immense heat sensitivity! A good quality packaging can fill up this gap and prevent the chocolate from losing its delicious flavor throughout its shelf life.

Why should you prefer a custom-made chocolate packaging design?

  • A custom chocolate packaging design can help you market your chocolates to prospective clients and also build a brand image in their heads. If people love your chocolates, they might try to contact you through the information mentioned on the packaging.
  • You can make gifts more thoughtful and personalized for special occasions using custom packaging.
  • You can choose different shapes, sizes, and styles of packaging as per your requirements. For instance, bakeries offer truffle boxes that can attractively box assorted chocolates.
  • Corporates and official institutions can also use customized chocolate packaging for special occasions in order to maintain healthy relations with their employees and clients.
  • You can also select the design as per the type of material you will be using to pack the chocolates.

Where can you get the best packaging design for chocolate?

You can get a custom chocolate packaging design online or offline. You need to look for a talented graphic designer who will instantly make out what you really need him to design within the first few minutes of experience. But that is only the case with an experienced package designer.

A good package designer would not limit his art to only a few types of packaging. He will be able to design a unique packaging design for almost all shapes, sizes, and occasions you need it for.

If you are looking to use the same or separate packaging design for different kinds of packaging, then you need to explain it to the designer so that you get the best design that can be used easily for such purposes.

Finding a talented and experienced custom chocolate packaging designer is not easy. And he can add that personal touch you exactly need. 

Most of the custom designers are freelancers which makes finding the perfect one even more difficult. They understand their art’s value and only want to supply a unique and impeccable design to their clients.

A fabulous place that is a haven for such freelancers nowadays is Fiverr. The freelancer website offers all kinds of freelance services that can exist to date. The work provided by these freelancers is also worth every penny. Tried and tested.

You can get the custom chocolate packaging design you yourself find it hard to achieve with great ease. What more?

You can choose from a range of packages and recommendations offered by Fiverr.

And once you choose a particular seller, you can easily communicate your needs. If you are not satisfied with their work, they readily redesign without any extra charges. Still not satisfied? Get your money back and select a better offer.

What also makes Fiverr a great option is also its quick service and fast response time.

The best chocolate needs the best custom design packaging to enhance its grace. And Fiverr can surely help you achieve it more than once.

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