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The Smartest Way to Get Custom Tea Packaging Design

tea packaging designs
Best packaging for tea designs

Tea is one of the most drinkable beverages to date. Its ever-growing demand is the reason that tea manufacturers have to constantly shift their focus towards its mass production. 

Almost everybody has a favorite type of tea. Don’t you?

Why is packaging for tea so important?

It is no fact that tea loses its flavor, fragrance, and freshness if not stored properly. And to avoid the tea from losing its essence, it is a seller’s job to prioritize tea packaging over other stuff.

Tea packaging refers to the process of storing tea in jars, bags, or any other tangible product to help retain its wholesomeness and avoid contamination.

With so many over the counter beverages available today, tea sales have started getting affected. One of its major competitors being coffee. However, herbal teas are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays as people have become moderately health-conscious. 

This also makes it important for sellers to use engaging tea packaging that highlights tea’s advantages and maintain its market place even after the introduction of new daily beverages.

An accurately chosen tea package tends to attract an elite group of tea drinkers who prefer quality over quantity any day.

Types of Tea Packaging

1.Stand Up Pouches:

Stand up pouches, particularly foil ones, make a great option to store loose leaf tea and retain its wholesomeness. The high-grade foil quality increases the shelf life of tea for a longer duration as compared to paper pouches. 

The foil types usually used for this purpose are tinplate and aluminum.

The packaging usually comes with a bottom gusset that gives tea packaging its unique shape and vertical positioning capability. 

Companies can use the back and front pouch area for branding and marketing.

Different quantities can be offered to the customer as per the sizes of packaging available.

The color of the packaging can also be chosen to help the customer differentiate between different flavors and kinds of tea. For instance, green for green tea and a dark-colored packaging for the black tea. 

2.Paper Pouches:

If you have good sales and a shorter shelf life requirement, then paper pouch packaging will make a great option to store tea as well. The bottom of the pouch makes a square shape that helps the pouch stand in place on a shelf.

Hotels usually place paper pouches in the guest’s room.

3.Pouches with a Seal:

Few pouches also offer the advantage of an airtight seal. This option attracts the customers due to the longer shelf life advantage, and no obligation to transfer it into the jar as soon as the package is opened. 

Seal packages also have a bottom gusset to offer the package standing support.

They are further divided as per the kind of seal offered. For instance, a seal on the side will make a side seal pouch, while a seal in the center indicates it’s a center seal pouch.

These three types are the most common types and the first choice for most sellers due to affordable cost and more storage capacity.

Tin packaging, Plastic Packaging, Glass Packaging, Bottle Packaging, Box Packaging are also preferred to enhance the product’s appeal and add a luxurious touch. High-price tea products usually come in such packaging.

However, it is important to keep in mind whether you are looking for tea packaging for loose leaf tea or tea bags.

Once you have chosen a suitable type of tea packaging, it is time to focus on an engaging packaging design that can lure the customers right in.

What you need to look for when it comes to custom tea packaging design?

Whether you have been in the tea business for a long time or you are a total newbie, it is crucial to look for a designer who will be consistent in his efforts and will add value to your product through an attractive packaging design.

An articulately designed packaging has the power to entice the customer. Even if you are offering a quality product and at an affordable price, without a good packaging design your product might not stand out amongst other competitors. And with day by day increasing competition, an engaging tea packaging design can give your product what it really needs, an edge.

You need to invest in the best custom designer so that he can use every nook and corner of your packaging to highlight exactly why the customer should only choose our product.

Cannot find a talented designer near your location? Try Fiverr, the ultimate destination where freelancers across the globe reside.

Why prefer Fiverr for your custom tea design packaging?

  • Each freelance designer on Fiverr is chosen after an intensive background check. You can also get to know more about the service seller which can guide you towards the right decision.
  • You can get a host of packages that offer quality designing and revisions to help you get the ultimate custom tea packaging design within your budget.
  • Customer satisfaction is prioritized the most at Fiverr, and you can get experts in custom designing to help you get the branding you need.
  • You get the complete design within the stipulated time mentioned by the designer in his or her description for the utmost clarity and to avoid any kind of confusion.
  • Most experienced designers excel in more than one field. For instance, the custom designer might also excel in designing logos, portraits, or even sketches.
  • The compare packages option also makes a great deal so that you can select a package as per the features you want and the price you are willing to invest for them.
  • Fiverr instantly recommends as per your specified search which also helps in refining your search a bit.
  • You can easily contact the seller if you have any queries. The average response time option will provide a rough view of how long you might need to wait.

All you really need to do is express how and what you want your brand to convey.

And Fiverr is well-equipped with freelancing experienced designers who will make out what kind of design will give your tea packaging the edge it needs.

The designers do in-depth research and analysis to give you a successful packaging design in the very first go.

So, if you are looking to increase your tea brand’s visibility and beat the heat with an innovative tea packaging design, choosing Fiverr will undoubtedly be the smartest marketing move to make. 

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