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How to Design Podcast Cover and Logo Online

podcast cover art
Podcast cover art design
podcast cover art
Podcast cover art design

Podcasts give people an entirely aural experience. It involves the creation of a close connection with the audience just by talking. But before that, the part of a podcast that is almost equally important is the cover art.

Listeners will see your podcast cover art first as they browse on their devices. They will get the first impression of what you have to say through the visuals. 

So how can you let your podcast cover speak for what is really inside? In this post, we will show you how to create an effective custom podcast cover art step-wise.

Why is designing a podcast artwork important?

The artwork on your podcast cover is the first thing your audience will notice before they listen to your podcast. The artwork will play a huge role in determining whether people will stick around and try to know what it’s about, not to mention downloading it. 

Designing a podcast cover art is very important and should be taken seriously. When users browse through the various podcast platforms, you want yours to catch their eye. And it will happen only when your podcast cover is enticing. 

Therefore it is crucial for you to start designing your artwork if you haven’t started already. The difference between having a regular cover and a well-designed one will surprise you!

How to begin the artwork

This type of work will require you to be open to learning new stuff relating to marketing, artwork, and branding. Being eloquent is a gift; however, often, it isn’t enough. With over 30 platforms available for podcasting, it is a big competition. So you have to stand out from the others in every way.

No matter how excited you are about creating the podcast cover art of your imaginations, you cannot just get right into it without any planning. You have to consider certain aspects such as what your podcast is about and who will listen to them.

Podcast format requirements

Podcast directories have laid out some requirements specifically for keeping in mind while custom designing a podcast cover art. Luckily, these technical requirements are the same across major platforms. The cover art should be 3000×3000 pixels in dimensions and in the form of PNG or JPG files. If you’re creating the cover art, the minimum size should be 1400x1400p. You also should use RBG colorspace for optimized images on all devices. 

Podcast name

Your podcast name should be able to state what it is all about. Find a podcast name suitable for your content, and remember that simplicity is key. 

Podcast logo design

After finding a name and choosing the category for the podcast, the next important thing is the podcast logo. Your podcast logo is going to be your symbol, and that is why you should take ample time to create a good one. 

You must have seen many podcast logos by now and know which ones are more appealing than the others. Therefore, you have to create your own unique logo that catches the audience’s attention picking up ideas from the successful ones. 

Pick the color palette, a slogan, and a proper font. Since you will be using the same logo across all social media and podcasting platforms, design it in such a way that it looks good everywhere. 

Color palette

The color palette of your podcast cover art should be the same as your brand’s palette. But if you are just beginning to set up your brand or don’t have one yet, you can now select the color palette.

You can find several ways to combine colors, and it’s all up to your preference too. But there are three color combination principles that are perfectly fit for podcast cover artwork- analogous, complementary, and triad color combinations.


When it comes to podcasts, words do the entire job. So it is only logical to say that words can matter so much on your podcast cover art. They can add more meaning to the podcasts. Remember to choose typography that goes with the personality of your brand. 

Majority of the times, the words you put on the cover will be the podcast’s title. You might not have a very difficult time with typography if you are a well-established brand. However, with the designer’s help, it should be easy for anyone to find the right typography that conveys the right message. 

If you want your brand to have a consistent look, go for a font or two that you will use everywhere.

Select a style

The six basic style components are line, texture, shape, type, color, and framing. You will be defining your podcast cover design according to how you use the components. No matter how much effort you put into styling your podcast cover, remember to let it reflect the podcast. Fun and vibrant colors will be suitable for an inspirational one, but not much for sad stories. Likewise, vintage automobile fans will find a retro-style podcast cover appealing and a futuristic style less.

What are the available methods and tools for designing a custom podcast cover art?

It takes a combination of several elements to make the perfect podcast cover. Looking at all the work you have to do alone can be daunting, especially when you are just starting your brand. But it doesn’t mean there’s no hope. Finding the right designer will help you create your ideal podcast logo using your style. 

The best way to have a perfectly created podcast cover is to hire a professional to do it, as it involves a lot of technical work and a professional’s touch. There are tools and services that you can get online to get the work done. Or even better, check out fiverr.com, a freelance service website that can help you deal with any kind of brand and website-related work. You can get in touch with one of the freelancers on the website and find the best deal for your required service. All you have to do is create your account on the website and look for the services you want. They are also quite affordable and have room for a wide range of budgets. 

So what are you waiting for? Get the best podcast cover art designs today with fiverr.com!

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