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Best Custom Product Packaging Designs

product packaging
Custom product packaging design services
product packaging
Custom product packaging design services

There is something good about making a package look pleasing to the eyes. It’s like wrapping a gift for someone and making that person excited at the sight of the present he or she is about to open. Beautifully wrapped gifts make birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions set a pleasant atmosphere.

But of course, good-looking packages are not only exclusive for gifts. It is also a significant part of making a business look good in the eyes of the clients. And with the help of custom product packaging, your business can take off to greater heights and land at the doorsteps of happy and satisfied customers. One way to get that done is through freelance services.

Designing Custom Packaging Online

Let’s first define what custom product packaging design is. To keep it short and simple, this type of service makes the product’s packaging look neat and nice. It uses different kinds of materials, ranging from boxes, bottles, cans, plastics to anything that can be turned into a portable compartment. It also utilizes good choices of colors, graphics, images, and text fonts that will be embedded in the container. It’s a helpful service, especially if a part of your business is delivering the products to your customers.

For your reference, here are the common types of packages:

  • Paperboard Package – made of paper, it is durable yet lightweight. We can easily cut it and customized it into different forms or shapes. It is the most typical package material.
  • Corrugated Package – popularly known as cardboard. It is the shoe box and storage box. It has three layers, making the package strong and rigid.
  • Plastic – products can be delivered in plastics, which are flexible and lightweight like paperboard boxes. But one of the best things about the plastic package is that it doesn’t consume so much space.
  • Rigid Package – best used in storing luxurious goods like jewelry, watches, and phones. This has to be durable to ensure that the product won’t be damaged.

Aside from the types of packages, there are also different kinds of packaging designs. Depending on the material, you can decorate the exterior part of the package with your brand or logo or customize it with your choice of shape. Sometimes, customizing is necessary if the product is too large, or the product doesn’t have a definite shape. The most important thing to remember is that the product is secured inside the package and stays undamaged until it arrives at the customer’s place.

In line with that, the product packaging provider needs to consider how your customers purchase your product. Are they going to buy it straight from the store or online?

If you’re selling your products online, then you have to think about the mode of delivery. It is important that the package doesn’t bend easily and is compact inside to prevent the items from getting damaged during the whole delivery travel. But if you have a physical store, the product package should be attractive enough that customers turn their heads and notice its beauty.

Without a doubt, custom product packaging is not only useful but also a practical element in your business. But there is more to it than meets the eye. It conveys a story through the package design, texture, sound, smell, and even taste if it involves food. Those details help your customers figure out what the product is inside the package without having to open it. The package design also plays a valuable part in your business because some people would actually buy your items by just looking at the intricacy of the package.

How To Design a Package Online

What are the processes involved in the product packaging design? That actually depends on the provider. However, the process usually begins with knowing what the product is and the details that you want to include in the package.

Once the package designer has all the necessary details, he or she will choose the most suitable type of package for the product. In other cases, the client can choose what he or she prefers. There are many types of product packaging to choose from, including a square box, non-square, paper bag, bottle, tube, packet, cup. Whichever fits best with the product, that’s where you should go.

After that, the designer’s next step is to put the design and other details on the package like product labels and your business logo. Most of the time, the package designer uses drawing and image-enhancing tools like Adobe Illustrator to create the design and have it printed through digital printing. As the client, you get to see the finished product from the provider. If it passes your preferences, then the production of a custom package product can commence.

To make sure that you have an outstanding package design, hiring a freelancer from any freelancing site is the best way to do it. Yes, you are presented with a lot of choices, but the best thing is that the freelancers will propose to you. They will show you their work, and you will have the chance to know more about them through their profiles. You can even contact and ask them questions directly before hiring the best candidate.

Hiring Packaging Design Agencies or Freelancers

Speaking of freelancing sites, one of the best sources of freelancers is Fiverr. It provides a long list of custom product packaging designers from different parts of the world. It can get overwhelming at first, but you can sort the candidates based on seller (freelancer) details, budget, and delivery time.

When looking for the best candidate to hire, check out the services packages each freelancer provides. You will see the specifications and scope of his or her services. Before hiring a freelancer, you need to contact him or her if your order is urgent. Freelancers have to disclose whether they can deliver within the given time frame or not. If you don’t have any concerns, click continue to finish the transaction. Otherwise, you can look for other freelancers or compare prices until you’re finally settled on one.

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