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Design a Custom Brand Style Guidelines and Brand Book Template That Represents and Promotes Your Business

brand style guidelines
Custom brand style guidelines

Your brand’s style guide includes your brand’s identity, core values, and voice. It translates your vision and mission into the design and directs your customers on how to perceive your brand. In other words, it aids your brand to maintain its consistency when it comes to how it looks, sounds, and feels like. 

When you have a brand style guide, it makes sure that your brand is consistent in every aspect no matter how many different people are working on it. 

Main Components of Brand Style Guide Template

There are different crucial components that go into making a brand style guide. You might already have some of them, like your brand’s logo. But it’s important to talk to your designer and help you with the rest of the components or elements. Without any ado, let us look at the components of a brand style guide.

Brand Story

Let the world know about your brand. A brief synopsis will give people an understanding of your brand and let them know how to represent it. You can include your vision, mission, and values in the brand story. Measure and think about what information you should include according to their resourcefulness. 


You may already have your brand’s logo or know how it should be, but are you aware of how it would appear in other environments? This part of a brand style guide makes sure that your logo is perfect and meets your expectations.

Ensure that your logo is created, keeping in mind the minimum size, its corresponding formats, space, colors, and so on. Include in your brand style guide all the logo versions you approve and describe when and where to use them.

It is also ideal to make your designers aware of the logo treatments you don’t want so that there is always consistency.

Color Palette

Having a color palette will create consistency for your brand in the present and the long run too. Many brands select not more than four primary colors and also don’t let it contrast too much with their logo colors.

It is ideal to choose a light background hue, a dark one for text, a neutral, and also an eye-catching color. Show the color swatches in your style guide and ensure that you include all the instructions for the others to reproduce the colors correctly.


Font selection also plays a major role in identifying your brand. Whether you want only one typeface or more will be dictated by your brand needs. It will be a good idea to use a font that differs from that of your logo so that there will be a visible contrast. 

Regardless of your typography strategy’s complexity, ensure that they are all accurately used by giving clear explanations and instructions. 

  • Introduction: Explain how the typefaces that you are utilizing relate to the brand and where you’re using them (text, headlines, captions, and so on).
  • Space: Include directions on kerning ratios so that there are no inconsistencies when there are changes in the font size.
  • Alignment: Give clear instructions on whether you want your text to always align centered, left, or right.


You will instinctively know which illustrations and images will work when it is your brand. The photo section in your brand style guide will drive people in the direction you want by approaching them in a number of ways, which do not include increasing your work. 

You can show them samples of images that worked well in the past for your company. If you don’t have enough samples, you can take examples from bigger companies. It will allow your team to understand the style you want. 

Brand Voice

Your brand voice will hugely impact how the audience identifies you, and this is where many brands go wrong. Some brands change their voice depending on the customers. For example, a company can be extremely serious and professional on its website but take on an informal or playful voice on other platforms. This will only confuse the clients about your brand.

It is important to have a guideline on what kind of voice you prefer for your brand and how all the writers should stick to it to maintain strong consistency.

Why are brand identity guidelines important?

A good brand style guide is a crucial tool for setting up your brand identity. Also called a brand guide or brand book, the brand style guide functions as a fundamental document. It allows content creators to spread consistent content to the audience.

You can think of brand identity as the personality of the company. It is how the audience will recognize and start to trust the company. If you see a sudden change in someone’s personality, looks, and behavior, you’ll start questioning if you really know them and certainly begin to lose trust. 

The same applies to a brand- being inconsistent will only confuse the customers. And that is why a brand style guide is essential to keep the company’s consistency in all aspects and across all platforms.

How can you create a custom brand guidelines?

You can create your own custom brand style guide by using readily available online tools. In fact, there are several brand style guide makers that you can choose to help you create the best one for your business. You will also find freelancing sites that help brands in creating and editing their websites and their features. 

However, if you are searching for a reliable service provider and can’t find one yet, you can go to fiverr.com. Launched almost a decade ago, fiverr.com excels in providing freelance services to its customers by creating some of the best graphic designs, writings, videos, and many others for their brands. The best part about this service website is that you can find services according to your budget limit, without compromising the service quality that you will get.

You can sign in to fiverr.com and find a suitable designer to help you create your business’ brand video today. 

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