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How to make YouTube Outro

outro maker for youtube
outro maker for youtube

You may have made a slick video and posted the same on YouTube. You may have created a series of information videos that have been trending with many views. So far, so good. But if your videos are not getting you a different kind of result, then your efforts may not be paying out as much as it should be. In other words, if you are unable to drive traffic to your site or get viewers click on Calls to Action, or check out additional stuff that you post on YouTube or elsewhere, your efforts are not fetching the kind of results that you ought to be enjoying.

This is important considering the fact that YouTube AutoPlay is more of a default setting among a large number of viewers and this may consequently rob you of the opportunity to connect further with the viewers. This is exactly where the outro works to your advantage. The outro, that last screen at the conclusion of the video is the bridge to other possibilities that are actually necessary from a commercial or engagement perspective.

The intro matters a lot – it packs a powerful punch and attracts the viewers to watch the video. Similarly, outro is equally if not more important for achieving desired results. YouTube and video content has become of the most important channels for content and engagement, packing in comprehensive information about a product, service, offer, launch or virtually anything, in a short video clip. It is therefore becoming a powerful option for channelizing and exploiting the opportunities. Here are tips that you can use as a maker of YouTube videos.

Avoid cluttering screens

We are in the era of minimalism in design. Remember – simplification is the highest form of sophistication. It is therefore necessary to do away with unwanted clutter. One of the advantages of using minimalist designs or more whitespaces in the design template is the ability to direct more focus towards the visuals that need attention. This could also help to drive more attention towards the CTAs. In an era of shrinking attention spans, it is hard to imagine a viewer spending time checking out various design aspects and also digesting the information or the CTAs on a single screen. It is therefore necessary to keep the screen uncluttered and draw the attention of the viewer to the right place.

Offer simple actions to be followed

Giving too many options to a viewer may have the exact opposite result of what was intended. For instance, if a screen offered a viewer multiple options in the CTA, the viewer is most likely to be confused and may choose an option that may not be the most relevant or productive. Similarly, if a viewer were to come across multiple options and found all options relevant or useful, he or she may find it difficult to come back to the screen if the clicking action does not open a new window/tab. This is also true in the case of users who may not work with multiple tabs open on their screens. With the exception of millennials and Gen Z, older generations prefer to open a limited number of tabs. It is therefore prudent to offer viewers one CTA or a maximum of two options as CTAs.

Screen size

This is an important consideration. Screen sizes have to offer the same experience across devices. In other words the experience of watching the video and the outro should typically be the same in a large screen device and in devices with smaller screen sizes. With more and more individuals preferring to use smartphones for watching video on the go it is necessary to optimize the screen size to suit all devices. The aspect ratio and HD quality needs to be borne in mind as important factors.

Uniformity in designs

It is best to create designs that are uniform across all videos. This will create some kind of easy recall and will help users to identify the screen as belonging to a familiar YouTube channel. Users are typically more likely to view channels that they trust. This trust is built slowly and by creating continuity. A common and uniform theme in different videos help to create a reputation and this in turn builds trust among viewers. Consequently, follow up action on the part of viewers are automatic, without the viewers having second thoughts about spending time on clicking on the CTAs.

Zeroing in on the ideal professional in freelancing sites

Freelancing sites, such as Fiverr offer clients with an extensive range of services from professionals with impressive expertise. Making of outros may appear to be a very simple task, but it does take a certain amount of time and also demands the use of certain resources/tools. While some tools are free, professional tools are not free. It may not be in the best interest of the video maker to purchase tools and attempt a DIY. It is prudent to use the services of expert freelancers. Here is what you need to look for in a freelancer from sites like Fiverr.

Value addition services

While the primary requirement may be the making of outros and incorporating the same in videos, the service provider can also offer other professional services. This could be editing of the videos, or changing the formats to ensure optimized video content for all devices.

Use of professional tools

Pick a freelancing expert who uses professional tools. An expert with adequate work from freelancing sites would find it easy to use paid tools as the economies of scale work in his or her favor. However, if an expert relies on free tools, you can be sure that the quality of the output may not be as desired. Certain free tools also create watermarks that remain on screen to give credit to the software. A paid tool comes with additional features in addition to permitting users to use the service for whitelabeling the output and inserting a custom watermark.

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