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How to make a lyric video -Top services & tools

lyric video maker online
lyric video maker online

Some songs seem to get stuck on our minds with the song seemingly playing over again and again. However, not everyone is good at remembering the lyrics fully and this is where lyric videos have added value to music available on YouTube and other platforms. You may have cut an album or a single and may want to share lyric videos before releasing official videos. This is the route that some of the chart busting singles and albums have taken to achieve success. The task is not very complicated, but requires a certain amount of patience and more than average knowledge of editing and timecodes. This is necessary to match the sequence and the audio in the video.

Use of tools for creation of lyric videos

A large number of tools are available for making lyric videos – some of good standards, while some offer basic features and functions. Of paramount importance is the need to ensure that the lyric videos are of a format, quality and standard that makes it suitable for hosting on platforms. A sub standard lyric video in terms of resolution, poorly synchronized lyrics, formats that are not popular and lackluster creatives will have the opposite effect of creating the lyrics video. The era of shoddy DIY videos are passé, as creators of music are turning to professionals for assistance in polishing and creating the best output at reasonable costs for sharing on platforms. The days of home made Windows Movie Maker lyric videos are firmly behind us.

Earlier versions of lyric videos typically involved available album art related to the single or the album which would either remain in the background or fade away to let other plain backgrounds display the lyrics on screen. Lyrics used to typically scroll up on the screen or move across the screen as a ticker. While the direction of the lyrics appearing and fading off the screen are time tested and viewer friendly methods, the creatives and album art have all given way to improvements. This has been made possible by tools and applications that have enhanced capabilities and functionalities for better rendition of creatives.

Broadcast quality output is now the norm and this effectively means that the lyric videos do not lose quality in the transition from editing to creation of output. Distortion free audio video content, loaded with stunning creatives that add to the experience of listening to the songs are the hallmark of lyric videos. Typically, the basic tools that are necessary for creation of lyric videos include a video or screen recorder, a lyrics player and a media player. Advanced tools would include tools for creating and integrating the creative visual content in the lyrics video. Most lyric video creators ensure that the background creatives are pleasant and striking, but not too distracting. This is mainly because the whole intent of lyric videos is to draw and hold attention to the songs and for greater engagement with lyrics. Graphic intensive visuals are not only going to distract viewers, but are also likely to take time loading.

Use of experts for the professional touch

An audio single, or an album is certainly big, even for an established artist. This makes it all the more important for you to put out your best foot forward when it comes to releasing the lyric video. The video will certainly not take the place of the official video but will have an important role to play in engaging viewers and fans. It is hence necessary to ensure that it has a professional touch. The gig economy has facilitated the use of services offered by professionals with impressive experience and success in various niches. The blend of creativity with advanced tools is available on freelancing sites like Fiverr where professionals offer services at reasonable prices, mentioned transparently. The advantage of using freelancers is the ability to utilize the exceptional experience and resources of professionals with the right kind of knowledge and exposure to deliver lyric videos as desired.

Despite the possible minimal use of creatives, it is important to choose an expert with a high level of creativity. This is necessary because of the need to pick the right color combination and font styles for the lyrics. Certain fonts reflect a mood and the combination of the lyrics and the typeface help to influence the mood accordingly. Similarly, the color combination is important as the right background colors and the font colors are important to give users an uncluttered experience with the ideal color combination. This is important considering the different types of devices used for viewing the lyric videos. Small screens, or screens that are used in the nights may pose a problem if the wrong color combination is preferred. Similarly, the right combination is required to ensure that viewers do not have a tough time reading and understanding the lyrics during the day with bright light around the screen.

Quick check of suitability of experts offering freelancing services

Bands, or individuals who opt for using he services of professionals on freelancing sites need to carry out a proper assessment of the shortlisted freelancer to ensure that the services are as per expectations. The priorities in terms of requirements are the need for accuracy, matching of the lyrics with the audio, the clarity with which the lyrics can be read easily, the ideal color and typeface combination to create the right kind of mood and the quality of the output video.

The pace at which the lyrics move across the screen or remain on screen needs to be checked out in various combinations to ensure that the viewers get the best experience. Many singers and bands prefer to keep an entire screen of lyrics stationary on the screen permitting users to read it fully and slowy, while others prefer to get the lyrics to scroll on the screen. Wherever the pace of the song is faster, it is advisable to get synchronized lyrics scrolling on the screen as it would permit users to catch up with the pace of the song easily.

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