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8 Freelancers That Help You Promote Your Music On Spotify

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If you aren’t taking advantage of Fiverr gigs to promote your Spotify music, then you are missing out big time. Track promotion is always essential. You could have the best song in the world, but if no one hears it, then does it really exist? Luckily, there are ways that you can get your music out there. One of the best ways involves taking advantage of freelance websites to get help from professionals. In case you live under a rock, Fiverr is the largest marketplace for a variety of freelance services. Many experts have a wealth of experience in music promotion. These freelancers can get your track the attention it deserves.

There are so many forms of promotion available on Fiverr. Freelancers can promote your song within the platform, increase your fans, boost your shares on social media, and ultimately increase your organic fanbase. They are even capable of getting your song featured on notable podcasts, and blogs. Additionally, they can provide SEO and general marketing services to optimize your promo campaigns. If you need high-quality promotion at a discount rate, you have to take a look at the below gigs on offer.

8 Best Spotify Promotion Services on Fiverr

1. Viral Spotify Marketing

If you need quality promotion to increase your monthly listeners, then this is a gig well worth exploring. The seller provides excellent placement for your music through posting on genuine and high-quality blogs. Additionally, Spotify fully supports the campaign. The high-quality strategies work to build up a real fan base. The basic price starts at $15, which targets a 1M audience, and you can buy the premium package for $60. The premium package targets an audience of 10M.

2. Professional Organic Marketing

If you want to build an audience based in the US, then this next seller has got you covered. They have a high-quality promo strategy which focuses on attaining an organic audience from US listeners. The service is best suited for new and trending tracks. The method involves an electronic press kit. The value in this service comes from the extensive email list available to the seller. They can get your music the organic push it needs to become a hit. There is an option for 2,3, and 7-day promotion. The pricing begins at $25, and the highest tier is available for $60.

3. Pro SEO Marketing

This next seller stands out because of their unique approach to promotion. The campaign is driven completely organically through the use of clever SEO tactics. The service embeds your Spotify link into their exclusive network. This means that it will get posted on prominent blogs and forums, which can rapidly allow you to increase your followers and engagement. Their close research leads to a highly targeted approach. Their basic service is available for $10 and gives your song a reach of 10k. The standard package is priced at $30 and gives your song a 1M audience reach.

4. Hashtag Marketing

Hashtags are proving to be important in music promotion. This next seller utilizes the power of hashtags to get your music trending. Audience targeting is done well, which means that your song can be heard by those who are likely to become fans. This powerful gig can work very well at increasing exposure. The basic package has a reach of 50K and starts at $30, whereas the premium package is $240, and gets your music across to 120K highly engaged Spotify listeners.

5. Low-Cost Promo

This next service features a highly efficient form of promotion. The seller uses a number of methods such as ads, forums, and email lists. All of these are utilized to develop an engaged listening audience. You can also benefit from having your song listed on the highly coveted weekly Spotify playlists. In terms of budget, this is one of the more affordable options. The basic package provides a promotion to a 1M audience for only $25. The highest tier costs $45 and provides promotion to an audience of 8M.

6. The All-in-One Curator Package

It is no secret that the curators on Spotify have a lot of power to decide which songs go viral. This seller provides a fantastic promo package that uses SEO and link-building techniques. They post your link on curator websites which means that it gets more buzz on Spotify. This direct approach is highly effective at building an engaged fanbase. The basic package will get your song promoted to 1 million Spotify users for just $15. In this highest package, this figure rises to 8 million, and the total cost is only $158.

7. Professional Geo-Targeted Marketing

If you want to grab the attention of music labels, then you should consider the service offered by this seller. They will get your music heard by the right people, which will allow you to build up your fanbase. As YouTubers, they have access to a number of influential curators who can take your music to the next level. The basic pricing starts at $20, which gives your music promotion to an active audience of 30K. The premium option allows you to geo-target specific locations to garner an international audience. It costs $120 in total, and you can reach an active audience of 500,000.

8. Highly Influential Blog Posting

The power of music blogs is extraordinary. This seller will post your music on their blog, so that you can increase engagement, and grow your fanbase. Moreover, they share your music to a community that is already a fan of your genre. This means you can benefit from the addition of highly engaged listeners. The 3-day promotion costs only $10, and you can get the highest tier 7 day promotion for $73. The number of expected engagements for the highest tier is 10-40K.

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