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Online Music Mixing Services

music mixing online
Online music mixing services

What is online music mixing?

Online music mixing is the art of taking your tracks up a notch by mixing, editing, and enhancing the sounds. You can do so using high-quality gear, a studio environment, and an audio engineer’s expertise. This does not require spending a lot of money on professional studios.

How can you get your tracks professionally mixed? You can either send your tracks to a professional sound engineer or upload your tracks to an online music mixing website (which also has sound engineers working at the backend). Once you send your tracks to get the final touches, you can dedicate your energy and effort to other important tasks that come with being a music creator. You might be wondering what happens to the tracks that you send for mixing – here is a little insight into the process that goes into mixing your tracks to perfection.

How does music mixing work?


Panning is the process of altering the sound of tracks to suit the listener’s ears and give the listener a feeling of a live musical performance. All the elements in a musical track have some sort of direction and space. Music mixing professionals pan each instrument’s sounds to balance the audio to the listener’s aural field by spreading the sound to the right, left, or the center.


EQ is the process of enhancing sound by making the tones clearer and getting rid of any muddy sound. Music mixing engineers alter the frequencies in the track to separate the sound of each instrument and bring out the unique sound of each one to make the track shine.


Compression balances out the loudest and quietest part of a soundtrack to give a more controlled auditory experience to the listener. Sound engineers can use compression techniques to boost audio in the quieter parts, limit the sharpness in the louder parts, or smooth out any sharp transitions.

Reverb and delay

Reverb and delay add depth to your sounds to give a feel of stage performance and studio echo to your tracks. Additionally, this technique also helps to elongate the sounds compared to the recorded ones for a creative effect.

Why should you get your tracks mixed professionally?

Save your time and energy for other things

You put your heart and soul into writing your songs and that is what your fans are going to appreciate. However, to make a lasting impact with your tracks, you need to get them professionally mixed. You can then focus your energy on other important tasks like promoting your band or album, looking for gigs to perform, writing more quality songs, and more.

Get professional help for high-quality tracks

You might ask – why can’t I mix tracks myself? Well, you can definitely do the mixing yourself using online tools and tutorials, but it will take up a lot of your time and will not guarantee quality results. Therefore, you need to get your tracks mixed by professional sound engineers who will bring years of experience and studio-quality gear to the table.

Set yourself up for success

Once you send your tracks to online music mixing professionals, you can rest assured that your final track will be radio-ready. Wait no more and set yourself up for deals, gigs, and movie mentions by getting your tracks mixed by professionals.

What are the tools and methods to get your tracks mixed?

Online music mixing is becoming popular nowadays, thanks to the advent of the digital age where everyone looks for convenient, fast, and cost-effective solutions. That being said, you can find lots of online tools and websites that offer free music mixing services. Otherwise, you can take the professional route and choose expert sound engineers to mix your tracks to perfection.

What is the best place to find music mixing engineers? You can take help from freelancing sites like Fiverr to connect with online music mixing professionals. Professional sound engineers on freelancing platforms offer you these services in exchange for money. You can meet professionals from all around the world, and select the best one with years of experience and studio-quality tools. If you choose Fiverr as the platform to find music mixing professionals for your tracks, here is how you can get started with it.

How to use Fiverr?

If you don’t have an account, then you will not be able to buy or sell gigs on the platform. As such, the first step to use Fiverr is to create an account on the website. After creating your account, you can start browsing or searching for your desired gigs.

What to look for when ordering a gig?

Once you type in the name of the service you’re after, which in this case is online music mixing, you will see lots of gigs pop up. Choosing the right gig can be a hassle, but you can look for a few factors to make sure that the gig fits your requirements.

Firstly, you need to read the description of each gig and take a look at the sellers’ portfolios. You can then compare the quality of work they are offering with the price at which they are selling the service. Additionally, you can message to ask questions from the sellers about your project or any other confusion you may have regarding the gig.

How to place an order on Fiverr?

After you have selected the gig of your choice, you can proceed to order it by clicking on the button which will take you to payment options. Fiverr offers payment methods such as PayPal, Visa MasterCard, and bitcoin, so you can choose the method you like.

Here, it is important to discuss how secure your payment is with Fiverr. After you place the order, the seller will receive it and will start working on the project. However, the payment you made wouldn’t go to the seller until the project is complete and all the applicable revisions are done by the seller. Therefore, you should be comfortable knowing that your payment is secure and your gig is in good hands.

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