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9 Best Freelancers That Blow Up Your Soundcloud Followers & Plays

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Looking to know more about Fiverr as a promotional site for your SoundCloud music? The following guide has the answer to all your queries.

For the melodiously endowed, SoundCloud has been nothing less than a blessing!

Not only has it enabled millions of aspiring singers to show their talent to the world, but has also brought a fair bit of exposure and recognition for them to follow a definitive career path.

However, with competition hitting a new, unbelievable high each day, it has become more and more of a challenge to find newer strategies for promoting music online.

Promotion of a personal track online can benefit your budding career in more ways than you think. It can be an excellent way of getting noticed by a great number of people and hence, grow a huge fan following. 

Also, it reflects the vast array of music that you create and your specialty (if you specialize in a particular genre). And as more and more of your fans stop by your website frequently, they’ll be exposed to more of your music and albums, sound notes, and compositions.

Best way to promote music on Soundcloud

One of the best ways of promoting your track online is to do so through freelancing sites. The sellers on these sites can promote your music by sharing it with their subscribers and followers through their own websites.

Be it promotions for your track, graphics for covers or managing sales, freelancing sites can simplify it down for you financially and save you a lot of unnecessary investment.

One such huge portal that has gained fame, acquiring an enormous fandom for its services is Fiverr. Not only has Fiverr been known as one of the most interactive freelancing portals for SoundCloud libraries, but it’s also popular for bringing numerous benefits and unique advantages to its users. 

And the types of promotions Fiverr sellers can offer you include:

  • Helping you expand your reach on SoundCloud
  • Acquire a substantial fan-following
  • Sharing your music on several social media and portals, blogs, podcasts, seos, etc.

9 most interesting and profitable Fiverr sellers for you right now!

1. Real Hip Hop Or Electronic Soundcloud Promotion

To start off this list with, we have a superior promotion pack specifically for Real Hip Hop or Electronic Soundcloud. It is primarily meant for all those Hip Hop artists, record labels and producers looking to learn up more promotional aspects in the music industry and achieves some substantially effective results. 

The seller will promote your music to his subscribers by sending a sample of your work. This, in turn, will help you gain a fan-following pretty fast, as well as expose you to prospective projects.

2. Provide Premium SoundCloud EDM Promotion

This package will promote your EDM music track with a huge global audience to get you a large fan-base within a short span of time. The seller of this gig on Fiverr has more than 80,000 followers on SoundCloud, over 30,000 Twitter followers and more than 70,000 fans on Facebook who will listen to your music.

It helps you get the kind of exposure you need for your EDM music as the sellers repost your track on both of their Premier SoundCloud accounts. They will also post it on their Facebook page along with a Tweet, exposing your music to over 180,000 people at a single shot!

3. Organic Soundcloud Promotion For Tracks To US Audience

We understand how difficult it might be for international artists to get through to the vast US platform with its millions of audience. This particular gig is designed to help you get your voice across the world to an enormous public bringing huge exposure in its wake for you.

The seller is pretty selective in their approach of selecting artists for Organic SoundCloud Promotions and mainly does so on the basis of the artist’s understanding of the Independent music scene and the importance of networking with regards to it.

4. Massive Viral Music Promotion To Millions Of Audience

This promotional package on Fiverr offers you all the benefits of promoting viral music for you on a huge scale across millions of audience worldwide!

It helps you extend your reach as a music artist beyond your community and comfort zone to enjoy global-level expansion, within a reasonable budget. 

The seller will promote any kind of music audio, video or album; any kind of music artist or brand fan page; all kinds of related page, website or blog; or event or concert on his own independent music blog website to get you a large fan base.

5. Quality Soundcloud Marketing

This particular promotional gig ensures quality Soundcloud promotion of any kind of music directly to its listeners and admirers, building up several networks of ardent music fans online over a period of time. The seller(s) will also send your music to direct listeners, including artists, producers, and record labels.

They promote SoundCloud organically by marketing your music through email broadcasting as well as sharing it to lists of numerous music platforms that they have built over a period of time on both social media platforms and Soundcloud.

6. Promote Your Track On Soundcloud Via Big Fanbase

This is a purely organic gig that promotes your music through accounts of real people with a large number of followers. This way, your music is heard by real people who can comment and repost your track thereafter.

The gig claims of several repost partners with more than 340000 network reach. The seller accepts tacks, mixes, remixes, podcasts, bootlegs or mash-ups in almost all kinds of dance music genres such as Pop, Hip Hop & Rap, Dance EDM, Techno, etc. 

7. Do Viral Soundcloud Promotion

This is another package on our list that will promote viral Soundcloud music for you. The services of the seller are strategically designed to polish your talent and making it famous in the music industry. 

It is a 100% safe and anonymous service that provides you complete satisfaction with the results. It also assures you of a 100% money-back policy if you’re not satisfied with the results. The seller will promote tracks from all kinds of music genres.

8. Repost Your House Music Track To 200k Network On SoundCloud

This promotional package will help your track get featured and listened to by an enormous audience consisting of DJs and other music lovers. The seller(s) of this package, however, accept(s) only House Music Only Gigs (No Hip Hop/ Urban/ Trap). 

They will promote your House or EDM track to the numerous affiliate networks who work with them to repost a user’s music. They also have several repost partners with more than 200,000 network reach where your track will get promoted. They will repost your music on their network for 48 hours.

9. Do Viral SoundCloud Promotion For Hip Hop Music

This is a SoundCloud promotional package on Fiverr that will promote your Hip Hop Music throughout the global portal, making it available to millions and millions of listeners worldwide!

The service helps to boost your reputation and credibility as an artist, promoting your music via social media channels on hobbies and topics that appeal to your listeners. 

It helps bring more and more traffic, allowing you to acquire a solid fan base as well as assist you massively in the ranking.


And with that, we have arrived at the very end of this guide. We hope we were able to provide you with a useful insight into the mentioned topic.

And we sincerely wish you all the best for your career!

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