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How To Remove Vocals From a Song: Tools & Methods

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Remove voice from a song

So you want to do some Karaoke? Or you want to record yourself singing your favorite song but you cannot source the instrumental version of it. Well, you do not need to worry, because there are a few ways to rip out those pesky vocals and get a clean or nearly clean instrumental version of a song. 

Want to learn how? Stay Tuned!

Here are three ways you can remove vocals from any song.

12 Freelancers that help you remove vocals from your song


musicbyniels 5.0170+ Reviews

I will professionally remove or isolate vocals or instruments from song or audio
  • Remove Vocals from a song/Isolate instrumental (Karaoke Version)
  • Isolate Vocals from a song/remove instrumental (Acapella Version)
  • songs, interviews & movies
Prices start from: $15

eduardosflopes 4.9280+ Reviews

I will remove vocals and make a professional karaoke video
  • 3 Days Delivery
  • Create complete karaoke video from your song (PREMIUM)
Prices start from: $5

vishnuvijayan09 5.060+ Reviews

I will create a karaoke track by removing vocals from the song
  • 1 Day Delivery
  • Remove (or extract) vocals from a song
  • Extract vocals from interviews ,movies,YouTube videos
  • Clean recording noises, remove background sounds
  • offers bespoke songwriting classes
  • sessions:30-60min
Prices start from: $10

fatihpesmen 4.9540+ Reviews

I will remove vocals from any song and make instrumental, karaoke track
  • 2 Days Delivery (Standard)
  • 10 hour delivery (Premium)
Prices start from: $10

noisecontroller 5.0290+ Reviews

I will remove or isolate vocals from a song and create acapella or karaoke
  • 1 Day Delivery
  • Create Acapella (Isolate Vocals) OR Karaoke (Remove Vocals) From one song
  • Remove Vocals At Specific Times In The Song
  • Provide A FREE 20-30 Sec Preview
Prices start from: $10

erafoos 5.030+ Reviews

I will remove vocals from a song and make a karaoke track
  • 1 Day Delivery
  • additional acapella track (PREMIUM)
  • 12 hour delivery (PREMIUM)
Prices start from: $15

fatihpesmen 5.090+ Reviews

I will extract vocals, remove instruments isolate vocals make acapella
  • 2 Days Delivery
  • remove instruments or isolate vocals from 1 song up to 3 minutes
Prices start from: $15

makingmusic 4.920+ Reviews

I will remove vocals from any song or video so you get karaoke and acapella
  • 4 Days Delivery
  • split vocals and instrumentals (karaoke & acapella version)
Prices start from: $15

sgutza 5.060+ Reviews

I will isolate, extract, remove noise,sounds, movie,voice,vocals, acapella,instrumental
  • 2 Days Delivery
  • extract or isolate from your audio file/song or movie/video file
Prices start from: $10

hasitha_disa 5.020+ Reviews

I will remove voice,remove vocals and music from your song
  • 1 Day Delivery
  • Karaoke or Acapella version from a song up to 7 min
Prices start from: $10

saki00000013 4.960+ Reviews

I will make karaoke or remove vocal from songs

  • 1 Day Delivery
  • Up to 2 songs
  • Merge to Videos (PREMIUM)
Prices start from: $5

officialdjsid 5.0150+ Reviews

I will remove vocals from any song or link under 24 hours
  • 1 Day Delivery
  • Song up to 10 Minutes
Prices start from: $15

djboody 5.040+ Reviews

I will extract or remove drums bass vocals creating backing track
  • 1 Day Delivery
  • song up to 210 Seconds
Prices start from: $5

sobanafzal7875 5.010+ Reviews

I will remove or isolate vocals and create stems of audio
  • 2 Days Delivery
  • Create stems or remove vocals (karaoke) or isolate vocals (acapella ) from 2 songs.
  • Extract vocals from Recordings/Movies/Interviews/You-tube Videos
  • Remove or isolate vocals at specific part or time of song
  • Remove background noise
Prices start from: $5

How To Remove Voice From a Song using Audacity:

Audacity is a very powerful audio editing software that is used by YouTubers, other sound professionals, and engineers all around the world. People use it to clean up audio, record their voice, clean noise from audio, and so much more. It also gets regular updates. But do you know what’s the best thing about this software? It’s FREE!

Yes, You read that right. Audacity is completely run using donations from its users. You can keep using it, with all features intact, without paying a single dollar. This free and powerful tool can be used to rip out the vocals from a song and make it an instrumental version. 

Here’s how it works.

  1. Load Up “Audacity”.
  2. Drag and Drop your song into the middle.
  3. Select the audio file you want to remove the vocals from.
  4. On the upper menu, open up the effects bar.
  5. On the effects bar, go down near the bottom to “vocal reduction and isolation”.
  6. A toolbar will appear with a drop-down menu. Click on “Remove Vocals”.
  7. Preview it. You can play with the sliders on it to get the perfect mix, however, the default usually works best. 
  8. And Boom Magic! Vocals removed.

Audacity does this magic by completely silencing the middle channel.

There is one other way Audacity can do Vocal ripping, Here’s how:

  1. Load up Audacity.
  2. Drag and drop your song on to the middle.
  3. Select the track and click on “split stereo track” which splits the one track into two.
  4. Go to the effect menu and click on “invert’’ by selecting one of the two tracks.
  5. Then select each one of those tracks and change them both into “Mono”.
  6. Enjoy your song without vocals.

However, there is a caveat to this method. Audacity presumes that the vocals all lay on the center channel. Both of these methods eliminate the center channel which works well on a simplistic song like Jingles. These days, there are songs with layers of audio, echos, and reverb that occupy different channels.

So if you try to remove voices from them, you might find that there are still elements of vocals that remain. Hence, the final cut is not so clean. 

So, if you are fine with that you do not need to read anymore. If not, we will tone it up a notch.

Removing Vocals Online Using A Paid Software (iZotope):

Now, this right here is something that professionals use to remove vocals. “iZotope Rx” right now costs $299 with a 25% discount, but if you are serious about removing vocals then you can get right on it and buy it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Load up iZotope Rx.
  2. Drag and Drop your song.
  3. In the left options menu, locate and click on “Music Rebalance”.
  4. You will see four sliders labeled “Voice”, “Bass”, “Percussion” and “Other”.
  5. Slide the “Voice” slider down.
  6. Render the Final Mix.
  7. Viola! A clean instrumental at your disposal.

I do not know what hocus pocus this software does, but it shreds the vocal down so much that you might not even notice it. Even in the heavily produced songs, this effect works very well. So, if you want to do Vocal ripping for a living, investing in this software can be one of the best investments you can make.

There is also other software called “Melodyne” which lets you edit out the vocals very well by removing the individual vocal cues manually. I also recommend checking that out.

There is one other way which might be different from both of these, and you can do it for cheap. Want to know how? Keep reading.

Hire A Professional Sound Engineer On Fiverr

You might be thinking that I am crazy about recommending a Sound Engineer, who usually makes a 6 figure income. How are you going to afford a sound engineer to remove voices from your song? Well, hear me out.

Fiverr is a website where you can hire freelancers or freelance contractors to do something for you, for a price of as low as $5. These services include Graphics designing, Digital marketing, writing and translations, Video and Animation, Music and Audio, Programming and Tech, Business, Lifestyle, and Industries.

The Prices of these Freelancers range according to the services they provide. 

So let’s get on with how you can hire a sound engineer to rip out the vocals from your song.

  1. Go to fiverr.com
  2. On the top, you will see a bar with “Find Services”.
  3. Type “ Remove vocals from songs”.
  4. You will see freelancers offering their services. Click on the gig that you like the most. Compare pricing and delivery times. 
  5. Contact the freelancer.
  6. After Contact click “continues”.
  7. Add any extras you might like, like “fast delivery”.
  8. Continue to check out. Enter your payment options.
  9. Wait for the delivery.
  10. Listen to the magical instrumental done by your friendly freelance sound engineer.

If you do not like the work of the Freelancer, then you can simply ask him for a revision and even a refund before (in case you’re not satisfied after multiple revisions). Fiverr keeps your money in an escrow so you do not need to worry about someone scamming or stealing your money.


I hope you found what you were looking for. “Audacity” is free software that works well with vocal removal only if the vocals are in the center channel. You can buy paid software like “Melodyne” or “iZotope Rx” if you are serious about doing this. But, you can also hire an experienced Freelance Sound Engineer to do it for as low as $5.

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