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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software and Services

Building Information Modeling services
Building Information Modeling Services

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, in short, is a three-dimensional model-based process that works on its intelligence. The physical and functional characteristics of a certain facility when represented digitally is called Building Information Modeling. The industries that use BIM technology give its professionals insight to plan efficiently, construct, design, and manage the infrastructure. It is a process that is supported by many tools and technologies and reduces manual labor. 

BIM services and software are used in many government agencies and businesses, as well as by individuals. Industries that use BIM are:

  • Architecture
  • Civil
  • Construction
  • Structural designing
  • Plants
  • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing)

The concept of BIM first came into existence in 1970, but it has been available in the market only since the early 2000s. The speed of the progression of BIM has been different for different countries since its launch. Now, many companies have welcomed BIM and incorporated software designed explicitly for the BIM framework. These applications differ from the available tools used by the industries in general, allowing for adding further information to the building model. 

How does BIM work?

For generations, building models relied on two-dimensional technical drawings only. The advent of BIM opened a new outlook for building models. Along with geometry, it also includes spatial dimensions covering information about time, cost, sustainability, and asset management. It is a wide range of supportive processes related to building processes that facilitate asset building from the initial planning to its construction and operational life. 

The BIM tools authorized at first generate a combination of designs using vague and generic, undefined shapes or void spaces. The applications extract different views from different building models for drawing and other uses. These views are dependent totally on the single object instances as defined by the ones using BIM. The BIM software defines its objects concerning different parameters. This parametric definition of objects is done as a precaution because if a related object gets canceled, those dependent will also change. All the model elements can carry attributes for the selection process and order them automatically. The cost estimates and the tracking of material are also provided.

BIM gives access to a virtual information model shared by the design team, the main contractor, the subcontractors, and the owner or the operator for those involved in a project. Each of these professionals has something on their plates to add to the specific shared model, which comes out as a combination of different discipline models into one. The combined model helps to summarize different disciplines into a single environment.

What are the uses of BIM?

The purposes of Building Information Modeling are described as dimensions. 


Four-dimensional building information modeling refers to the time or scheduling-related information of the 3D components or assemblies. 4D enables the professionals to estimate a time path and chalk out the critical series of events throughout the project’s lifetime.

The sequence of construction can be reviewed using four-dimensional BIM. This enables users to optimize their results by exploring different options and managing their solutions. It is considered an advanced construction and management technique; therefore, it’s used in many larger projects by different facilities.


Five-dimensional building information modeling refers to the time or scheduling-related information of the 3D components or assemblies (4D BIM) and then with cost-related constraints. The 5D models help the customers see the project’s progress while keeping in mind the related costs.

It has endless potential to improve the projects by optimizing the costs and choosing the best. It can also easily deliver any project of any size or complexity. 


Six-dimensional building information modeling refers to all the project management information and the entire lifecycle of the 3D components or assemblies. The 6D model is delivered to the customer only after the construction process is finished. 

After completing the construction work, the project data and the details, maintenance, operating manual, warranty details, photos, and other information are delivered to the owner. The owner accesses the database through a customized web-based proprietary environment. 

Fiverr: A Freelancer Platform

Fiverr is an online marketplace that provides an online job platform to freelancers all over the world. It is an Israeli online marketplace with both platforms for selling and buying digital services from freelancers online. The services that are offered in Fiverr are called gigs. These gigs include various jobs that the buyer can choose from, according to their needs. Fiverr is a platform providing various digital services and works on the model of listing temporary jobs. The freelancers either work from homes or in an office, whatever is applicable under the job title.

For freelancers, Fiverr can be considered as an e-commerce platform selling their gigs. They first have to advertise about their gigs to be selected by the buyers. A particular gig contains all the details of the services provided so that the buyers buy them. The more the seller earns per assigned work, the pricing of the gigs will rise accordingly. 

Tools used for keywords in Fiverr

Promoting your service can mainly attract buyers to your gig. The main thing that matters for any freelancer is the ranking of their gigs. If the gigs aren’t ranked, earning money can get tough. Fiverr uses a keyword tool called Fivlytics, which shows the current ranking of your particular gig. Fivlytics is an analytic tool for Fiverr, and it is free. It provides keywords for your gigs, such as the seller categories and their rankings. It also provides how many gigs are available and their pricing distribution. The information that is available on Fivlytics includes the following:

  • Information about an online seller and the seller’s level 
  • Pro seller
  • Information about package distribution of the seller
  • Gigs by countries
  • Gigs pricing check and rank check (from highest to lowest)
  • Total gigs available on a particular keyword

One point that should be noted about Fivlytics is that it gives information about the first hundred results present on the search page. However, if the gig is not present within the first hundred, the position will not be shown even though the keyword insights will be given.

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