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Singing Classes with Online Vocal Coach

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Music is something that makes our life spicy, cheerful and keeps the boredom away. Since ancient times, it is the best thing to make people come together and enjoy every aspect of life: spiritual, emotional, happy, sad, or joyful.

Many of the best moments in our life are related to music. From graduation songs to fresher songs to farewell songs and even the lullaby for a baby, none of these exist without music. Vocals and instruments bring out intense emotions buried inside a person. It is not surprising that many people want to learn and crave a desirable voice to sing. However, these days, if a person, especially a youngster, wants to learn anything, they first try and learn something by searching it on the internet.

There are tons of online singing classes, tutorials, and professional online courses on the internet, a complete pack of these. Many teachers, exceptionally good at their fields of expertise, are also teaching online private lessons, and some like to do that in a group. However, any of the two methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Most of the students ask: Can we trust these teaching methods when it comes to singing? Where is the best place to learn online?

Advantages of Learning To Sing Online:

●   Keep the teaching going in various situations: You can keep learning from a vocal coach, even if they are traveling or restricted to sitting in their home. With online singing, no gaps are involved in the consistency and continuity of the practice.

●  Recording the lessons is easy: Various online tools such as Fiverr and Skype make it extremely easy for the student and the instructor to record and review the lessons. You can always go back to a particular class’s recording and analyze a student’s growth and judge the voice quality. 

●   Join from anywhere across the world: If you have a stable internet connection, it is possible to learn through online teaching lessons anywhere across the globe. So, you don’t have to worry about always being present at a particular place, or to shift near a school. You can learn your lesson even when you are abroad or are out of state! The motto of the online lessons is that people don’t have to deal with moving, traffic, bad weather conditions, or parking– the lessons can be done from home in their favorite and comfortable positions.

●   Learn at your own pace: A physical class student has to go with the class, even if sometimes he/she is lagging. Although online classes, most of the time, provide you with the tools to learn at your own pace without worrying about the class. Classmates are variable most of the time, but you don’t have to learn fast to keep up with the class. Lessons and classes can be downloaded and reviewed, watched again, and practiced as needed.

●   Cost-effective: Finally, and most importantly, online lessons are pretty cost-effective. With off-line classes, the teacher has to provide you with infrastructure, which could be costly enough. Plus, you have to travel, which also increases the cost.

What Will You Learn In An Online Singing Lesson?

●   Understand voice physiology: It helps you to get an idea about the texture of your voice. It helps to let you know what type of lessons and type of genre will suit your voice.

●   Learn the benefits of correct posture, breathing, and resonance: These are the most important aspects of singing lessons’ fundamentals. The posture and breathing patterns make the most difference, and online singing courses and instructors help you achieve it perfectly. 

●   Increase vocal range without pressure or force with improving tone and strength: Like any suitable off-line classes, online vocal coach also increase the range of your voice.

●   Vocal warm-ups with tips and exercises that are doable at home: The teachers also provide you with various exercises and tips to improve your voice’s quality.

Requirements And Assignments of Learning with Online Vocal Coach Include:

The instructor is going to give various exercises to practice.

● You have to perform certain exercises and assignments throughout the course.

● It is good practice to perform these in front of a mirror. A full-length mirror is always preferred.

How Can Fiverr Help You Learn To Sing Online?

Fiverr is an online platform to access an international network of quality freelancers and find what suits you in your field of interest. It is one of the easiest and most affordable platforms to use the digital marketplace and grow your business. It also provides a way to connect a learner and a teacher from various parts of the world. The vocal coaches are high-quality and experienced freelancers who offer their teachings and services at a very reasonable price. If we talk about freelancing as online singing lessons, the quality of teaching is extremely excellent. 

Features And Various Tools Of Online Vocal Lessons at Fiverr:

Here are some of the amazing features and tools of the online singing lessons in Fiverr:

●   Well-structured courses: The course is very well-structured when we talk about singing. It has a step-by-step guide from very basic to extremely advanced. The curriculum of the courses is beautifully designed and well-structured.

●   Amazing teaching experiences and interactions: The teachers are highly encouraging, and many of them already have a singing career and are very well-known stage performers.

●   Extremely helpful and encouraging classmates: The class’s environment encourages any fellow student. There is always some healthy competition present in the classes.

●   Convenient timings: Here, you will have the total freedom to select timings according to your preferences and comfortability. The lessons can be downloaded and re-visited at any time, too. There is no restriction on timings. You can be in any part of the world in any time zone and still access the lesson.

●   Affordable prices: You don’t have to pay a high amount, unlike any off-line class. The vocal coach provides services at the most affordable prices. Fiverr also gives discounts on various programs.

●   Various categories to choose from: There is a high range of courses to choose from. You can select the courses according to your level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The courses offered in each of these sections are justifiable to be present there. A person can also filter the courses in accordance with their budget.

16 Most Polular Vocal Coaches on Fiverr


salmanfahim 5.060+ Reviews

I will provide singing lessons vocal coaching and voice lessons
  • 30 mins Trial introductory lesson
  • in-depth critique in video format
  • half and full single lessons
Prices start from: $25

carolinaberte 5.060+ Reviews

I will provide skype singing lessons and vocal coaching
  • First Lesson Promo! 30 mins
  • 50 min Pro Singing Class on Skype
  • warm up - technique - practice- learn a song, custom-made sessions
  • teaching is based on the Cheryl Porter Vocal Method
Prices start from: $15

eleanorgriff 5.060+ Reviews

I will teach an online singing lesson for all ages
  • qualified singing teacher with years of experience performing in London theatres & across the UK
  • professional actress and musician trained at the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  • -warm-ups -technique practice -learn a song
  • -song writing
  • -technique practice -theory
  • offers bespoke songwriting classes
  • sessions:30-60min
Prices start from: $15

dissinotra 5.0200+ Reviews

I will provide vocal coaching, voice lessons & singing lessons
  • 30 Min introduction to the technique, consultation, and necessary Tips and Tricks
  • 1 -4 Hour Pro Singing Class including all Segmentations: Exercises + Implementation
  • D' Singing Technique
  • FIELD: urban, pop, soul, r’n’b, a-cappella, rock, broken-opera/soul-opera, contemporary virtuoso vocalism
  • Posture, Breathing, Warm-up and Vocal-Chord Clearing, Vocal-Chord Body Building, Phrasing & first stages of Improvisation
  • sessions:30min - 4h
Prices start from: $30

danielvdwmusic 5.010+ Reviews

I will provide you with a singing lesson online
  • 30 Min introduction to the technique, consultation, and necessary Tips and Tricks
  • 1 -4 Hour Pro Singing Class including all Segmentations: Exercises + Implementation
  • technique, vocal improvisation and performance
  • Singer, Composer and Arranger who recently finished a Bachelors degree in music
  • sessions:30min - 1h
Prices start from: $15

claudiaclaire 5.030+ Reviews

I will provide you pro singing lessons and vocal coaching
  • Exclusive, pre-recordered files for working on your voice in your own time
  • One-to-one online session
  • vocal technique, vocal range, styles, different tones of the voice, expressivity, physical posture
  • Speech Level Singing (Seth Riggs method), VoiceCraft method
  • sessions:15 - 35min
Prices start from: $15

nataliesauti 5.010+ Reviews

I will teach your child how to sing
  • Professional singer and voice coach founder of a music school - Sauti Academy,
  • Exercises, technical tips, feedback to the song you prepared in 4 sessions.
  • Recommended for younger students 4 -18 years old
  • sessions:30min - 4x45min
Prices start from: $30

danieladipasqua 5.020+ Reviews

I will provide voice lessons for every type of singer
  • a lyric soprano, professional opera singer
  • 9 years’ experience in teaching in private academies all over NY/NJ
  • Studied at Eastman School of Music, and Montclair State University
  • teaching genres of Classical, Pop, Jazz and Broadway
  • sessions:30min - 4h
Prices start from: $10

celestialsteps 5.010+ Reviews

I will assess your voice and be your vocal coach
  • Breathing, proper posture, emotional blockages, practical difficulties, voice analysing, study plan
  • vibrato and belting techniques
  • vocal coaching assignment on with feedback.
  • 50min Skype or Zoom meeting for a session
Prices start from: $5

prestomusic 5.010+ Reviews

I will provide singing lessons vocal coaching
  • professional singer-songwriter, voice-over artist and singing coach
  • Vocal Warm-up/Technique - Exclusive, pre-recorded videos for working on your voice in your own time.
  • customised lessons to suit your skill and needs
  • Lessons via Zoom or WhatsApp video call.
  • sessions: 30min or 2x30min
Prices start from: $10

glovesrock 5.010+ Reviews

I will do online vocal lessons and songwriting
  • singer, songwriter, vocal coach, singing teacher on line, basic extreme vocal, performer, available for recording sessions of every kind of genres
  • Warm up, technical exercices, songs practicing + 30 min for free of songwriting lesson or singing
  • Discover Your Voice Together First Steps (Basic Tips And Advices)
  • use of the diaphragm, how to breath, warm up with scales, lip roll and different exercises, technical skills with vocals on scales progression, projection of the voice, rhythm, resonance, use of the mix voice, practising songs and warm down;
  • focus on interpretation and meaning of the songs, how to be a good perfomer (stage advices, how to warm up and warm down before and after show)
  • sessions: 30, 60 or 6x60min
Prices start from: $25

josephinewh 5.060+ Reviews

I will give you singing lessons via skype
  • 20 min trial lesson. One-to-one session with me at a time of your choice, arranged by message.
  • professional singer, studied Opera singing at the Conservatory in Rome Graduade
  • sessions: 20min - 1h
Prices start from: $15

mayasinger 5.010+ Reviews

I will teach you how to sing
  • I will comment on your recording and give you tips and tricks how to improve it
  • regular 1 by 1 online lesson
  • combination of yoga principles, psychology knowledge and high vocal skills
  • sessions: 5, 30 and 60min
Prices start from: $5

aliziaromero 5.010+ Reviews

I will be your online vocal coach and fixer
  • Send me one recording of your voice and I´ll send you an audio back with some tips and advices
  • online meeting to help you with your vocal goals
  • can communicate in English, Spanish, French and Italian
  • Estill Master Trainer (EMT), Music Education Degree and a Vocal Therapy Master
  • sessions: 15 and 50min
Prices start from: $15

charlotte_hays 5.010+ Reviews

I will teach voice lessons singing lessons be your vocal coach
  • I will tailor warm-ups and exercises to you and coach you on your music/help choose music for you.
  • Coach you through warm-ups to coordinate air flow and resonance for the best sound, tailored to your preferred style of music
  • Introduce/reinforce musical concepts such as: sight-reading, ear training (intonation & aural skills), diction, anatomy of the voice, phrasing, etc.
  • Work on the mental/emotional aspects of performance. Stage-fright is not invincible!
  • Develop simple, achievable exercises to help you solve vocal problems
  • specialties: Musical Theater, Classical, Folk/Folk Rock, Indie Pop/Rock
  • sessions: 30, 45 and 60min
Prices start from: $25

cedricnayna 5.010+ Reviews

I will provide professional singing lessons and stage coaching
  • professional performer and teacher specialized in Opera bel canto, musical and rock vocal technique as well as stage presentation and therapy
  • 25 min introduction lesson, consultation and feedback. Tips and tricks
  • 1 Hour Pro singing lessons. Specially designed exercises towards goals. Feedback and explanations.
  • Introduce/reinforce musical concepts such as: sight-reading, ear training (intonation & aural skills), diction, anatomy of the voice, phrasing, etc.
  • Weekly Pro lesson towards your goals and objectives with feedbacks and stage coaching.
  • sessions: 25, 60 and 4x60min
Prices start from: $20

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