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Best Online Mastering Services that Will Enhance Your Music

online mastering services

Technology is practically an important attribute of our everyday profession. Similarly, creating music nowadays also requires advanced technology. Online music mastering is referred to as the automated and algorithm-based mastering service. While this method initially created fear amongst many music engineers, the fear has eased up with time. The online …

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How To Remove Vocals From a Song: Tools & Methods

vocal remover online

So you want to do some Karaoke? Or you want to record yourself singing your favorite song but you cannot source the instrumental version of it. Well, you do not need to worry, because there are a few ways to rip out those pesky vocals and get a clean or …

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Editing a Podcast The Right Way. All Your Options Explained In Small Details

podcast editing services

Is Podcast Editing Really Necessary? Doing your own podcast over the Internet? Trying to grab some more attention and gain more audience? There are small things that make the difference in the long run and the bad news is that some of them are not that obvious. When it comes …

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How to make a lyric video -Top services & tools

lyric video maker online

Some songs seem to get stuck on our minds with the song seemingly playing over again and again. However, not everyone is good at remembering the lyrics fully and this is where lyric videos have added value to music available on YouTube and other platforms. You may have cut an …

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9 Best Freelancers That Blow Up Your Soundcloud Followers & Plays

real soundcloud promotion

Looking to know more about Fiverr as a promotional site for your SoundCloud music? The following guide has the answer to all your queries. For the melodiously endowed, SoundCloud has been nothing less than a blessing! Not only has it enabled millions of aspiring singers to show their talent to …

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8 Freelancers That Help You Promote Your Music On Spotify

spotify promotion

If you aren’t taking advantage of Fiverr gigs to promote your Spotify music, then you are missing out big time. Track promotion is always essential. You could have the best song in the world, but if no one hears it, then does it really exist? Luckily, there are ways that …

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